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LEHVOSS Group with exciting product news at Chinaplas 2021 – 
We LuV to see you in Shenzhen at our booth H17L95

High-performance polymers for injection molding and extrusion

  • Light Weight Parts with high-modulus compounds
    • carbon fiber reinforced grades for sports industry
    • advantages of LUVOCOM XCF
  • Low shrinkage and out-standing anti-warpage performance
    • challenging applications in consumer industry
    • warpage improvement materials based on different polymers
  • Low friction and specific wear, excellent tribological performance
    • gear and bushing application in automotive
  • EMI shielding materials
    • applications and performance in E&E industry
  • Dielectrical properties based on LUVOCOM compounds
    • applications in insulating parts

3D Printing Materials

  • Application of LUVOCOM 3F products in FFF (fused filament) and FGF (fused granulate)
    • Materials based on PET, PAHT, PPS, PEI, PEEK and other polymers
    • case studies
  • Application of LUVOSINT powders in SLS/HSS processes
    • Case studies in shoe industry, protection masks mask, goggles

Contact person for LEHVOSS Shanghai:
LEHVOSS (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.
MinJiao (Jenny) Wu
Unit 4805 Maxdo Center
8 Xingyi Road Changning District
Shanghai 200336