Business Model: "Sourcing, Customizing, Manufacturing"

The LEHVOSS Group of Companies brings together the strengths of a traditional trading and distribution house with the flexibility of a mid-sized company accustomed to solving problems and manufacturing products and services. This approach differentiates us significantly from other companies in the chemical trading and distribution sector.


There are customers who regard us first and foremost as an acquisitions agent for specific raw materials and additives. We harness our global relationships to make this sourcing possible. We can react with greater agility than standard producers to dynamic changes on the world economic map, allowing our acquisition process to flow to the places where raw materials at economically interesting conditions. This means pursuing new paths at times, including cooperations with contract manufacturers in emerging markets, who then work based on our expertise and quality standards.


Our own warehousing facilities with extensive finishing and packing systems allows us to do more than just deliver on short notice. We can also offer a broad range of packing forms to fit the customer's specific needs. This is an important sub-section of customizing. The company's technical center and lab are focused on an even more important, product-side aspect of customizing: the development of tailored, customer-specific modifications and individual solutions to problems anywhere where pure sourcing efforts can't fulfill the customer's needs.


We produce custom raw materials and additive preparations for the plastics and rubber industry, all certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, at our plants in Hamburg, Germany, Kunshan, China and Pawcatuck, Connecticut in the USA. In-house manufacturing represents approx. 30 percent of the Group's revenues.