LEHVOSS Shanghai upgrades tribological test facility in its innovation laboratory

For the support of customers and the development of its LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds, LEHVOSS Shanghai added an universal tribological test equipment to its innovation laboratory in Kunshan.

The new machine comes with the latest features and provides the possibility for various test set-ups. This includes Pin on Disc, Ball on Disc and Disc on Disc testing. Besides respective material combinations, various speed, force, temperature and movement set-ups can be chosen. Temperatures up to 200°C allow the testing and simulation of tribological systems in severe environments, especially if combined with high loads.

Customers are invited to visit the laboratory and to meet the responsible engineers.

Universal tribological test equipment at the LEHVOSS Kunshan innovation laboratory

Contact persons:

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LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds as well as the 3D printing materials LUVOSINT® and LUVOCOM® 3F extend the range of applications for plastics and ensure that the products produced from them in many industries are able to reliably fulfil their function, even when subject to stringent requirements. The materials with exactly defined properties are based on almost all available thermoplastics and are tailor-made to individual customer requirements.

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