Additive Manufacturing event TCT Asia

The LEHVOSS Group is looking forward to meeting you from May 7-9, 2024at the National Convention and Exhibition Center Shanghai, booth number: 8C70

Just in time for the exhibition season, we have lots of news to share with you, our customers, and partners. The highlight are 3D printing materials that meet the requirements of the new generation of high-speed printers.

LEHVOSS has developed 3D printing materials based on a variety of polymers. The mechanical properties of the materials are greatly improved by innovative carbon fiber reinforcement, additives and compounding experience, enabling customers to meet various and challenging technical requirements.

New Products:

  • LUVOCOM® 3F PPS CF 50780 BK is a carbon fiber reinforced material, suitable for both FFF and FGF. It offers excellent strength, temperature resistance and good surface appearance, is inherently flame retardant, chemical resistance and comes with anti-warping properties. Its flexure strength reaches 150MPa, modulus exceeds 7Gpa, and HDT-A achieves 265℃.
  • LUVOCOM 3F PAHT® CF 51873 BK is a carbon fiber reinforced material based on PPA, suitable for both FFF and FGF. It offers low warpage, high strength, anti-electric static charging, a bonding strength of more than 80Mpa and a flexure strength up to 240MPa. With a modulus of more than 5Gpa, it is widely used in industrial printing related applications.
  • LUVOCOM® 3F PLA 50640/BL/L is a magnetic detectable material that meets FDA and EU regulation 10/2011/EEC. The food industry uses a large number of plastic tools. If the food contains plastic waste, it can lead to serious food safety accidents. Our materials can be detected by electromagnetic devices, effectively preventing particles from entering the food. The specific color makes it easy to identify particles of the material in the processed food.